Sunday, December 03, 2006

Creme de la Crema

Yesterday I played a tourist in my own backyard.

I can't believe that I only now got around to exploring one of Seattle's finest espresso houses. This is no Seattle's "Best" or Starbucks. I'm talking a mecca for espresso hounds -- Espresso Vivace. I read about this place for years, because I have a penchant for fine espresso. Enough of an addiction to know about such obscure things as microfoam and crema. If you drink your brew at Starbucks you really have no clue of what I speak.

Anyway, Espresso Vivace is renowned and adored. So I felt confident ordering a cappuccino, whereas I tend to typically order half-chocolate double tall mochas. And while I really do believe that you can't make a judgement based upon a first-impression, I have to admit that I wasn't impressed. I've had better espresso, closer to home. It is just a shame that the woman, master espresso shot puller, shut her business down because it was too popular and cutting into her quality of life.

I think that makes me the first person who dares to rate Espresso Vivace as only slightly above average. But I have to admit being a little soft-hearted over their microfoam art.


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