Friday, December 01, 2006

Big Pharma Plot to Steal Your Vitality

For those of you who care about your health and thereby the nature of the food you eat, you really need to know about the proposed future of organic foods, conventional food handling practices, and vitamin regulation. This is a complex issue -- for the full story, please visit this informative website -- so I will take one angle in all of this, the case of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and also a vitamin essential in many cellular processes. Vitamin C is water soluble, so effectively you can never overdose, because your body can clear excesses from your system without any harm being done to your body, and with only minimal discomfort. Being aware of the "overdose" symptoms makes it easy to keep to a proper dosage. Doses in the grams (g) are often recommended for those suffering infections (including colds and flus). Yet the world government wants to limit your access to only 225 mg a day (0.225 g), a dose which would be ineffective at protecting you against damage resulting from excessive environmental stresses, colds, flus, or infections.

"If there were ever a time to rise up and stage a health freedom revolt,
this is it. This is a cause worthy of a fight, because you're fighting for the
protection of the very laws of nature. Basic human biochemistry demands that we
intake certain nutrients in order to live. Human bodies simply do not
manufacture vitamin C, and thus we must ingest it. Banning this vitamin is akin
to outlawing fresh air, clean water or natural sunlight."

This quote is from an article describing proposed legislation in Europe, but the driving force behind these regulations is even more sinisterly wide-reaching -- the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

This nouveau nutritional regulation isn't proposed just for us over-fed Europeans or Americans (for those of you who have already heard about it), this is a world-wide food and vitamin regulation program, under the auspices of the UN's World Health Organization, set to go into effect as of 2009. It amounts to outlawing nutritionally releveant levels of supplements and vitamins, while simultaneously promoting irradiation of foods -- a practice that potentially degrades essential nutrients in the foods we eat, especially at high doses of irradiation. It also proposes to laxen organic farming standards (just in time for Wal-Mart's foray into the organic foods market?) and keep genetically modified foods hidden from consumers. For all the consequences of this proposed policy, click here.

One doctor believes this nutritional policy has arisen due to his finding that vitamin C can prevent arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and heart attacks. Big Pharma won't be able to sell you expensive drugs for your heart and circulatory health if you find out you can pop a few vitamins for a cure. Read this paper, if you'd like to learn more about this doctor's research with vitamin C and cardiovascular health.

With the cost of health care soaring, we need more than ever to focus on preventative health care methods and naturopathic curing. Already we have seen a spike in interest in organic and natural foods. The problem is that these foods can never be mass-marketed. We live in a factory farmed reality. There just aren't enough green pastures these days for everyone to feast from, and farmers are still unappreciated in this askew social structure. Small farmers are the tireless saints who keep you alive and healthy, they deserve our adoration, respect, and support.

I want to see all of you at the Farmer's Market this spring!


At December 02, 2006 3:14 PM, Blogger Danny Haszard said...

Eli Lilly zyprexa cost me $250.00 a month supply and has up to ten times the risk of causing diabetes and severe weight gain.

Nervous investors watch Eli Lilly shares drop $2.80 post election.

My issue is Zyprexa which is only FDA approved for schizophrenia (.5-1% of pop) and some bipolar (2% pop) and then an even smaller percentage of theses two groups.

So how does Zyprexa get to be the 7th largest drug sale in the world?
Eli Lilly is in deep trouble for using their drug reps to 'encourage' doctors to write zyprexa for non-FDA approved 'off label' uses.

The drug causes increased diabetes risk,and medicare picks up all the expensive fallout.There are now 7 states (and counting) going after Lilly for fraud and restitution.


Daniel Haszard

At December 04, 2006 10:20 AM, Blogger Jade said...

Hey there, Danny! I'm sorry to hear about your medical situation. Are there other drugs, equally effective for your condition, that you might be able to take that don't have those side effects (and price tag)?

From what I understand the same promotion happened with Zoloft. Not only was it prescribed for depression, but also for all kinds of unrelated conditions, such as (this is a case I personally know of) a condition similar to carpal tunnel. I later heard that Zoloft is nothing more than a sugar pill (placebo).

I firmly believe each of us needs to do our own research and educate ourselves about our health. That isn't to say we should have the last word (unless we went to medical school), but that we should go into the doctor's office with our eyes wide open.

Is there anything you can do to reduce your risk of diabetes and weight gain? Perhaps exercise and healthy eating? In any case, take good care of yourself! Health is very much linked with happiness.

At December 04, 2006 10:22 AM, Blogger Jade said...

Oh, before I forget, thanks for passing along the information on Eli Lilly!


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