Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Changes for 2007

I waded into blogging with a bit of trepidation. Some time in 2004-2005, after finding myself drowning in depressing news stories, I started surfing for food-related content. Classic avoidance, pure and simple. Carpe Diem, if you will. I wrote for the Well Fed Network for a while in 2006, and half-heartedly launched the Jaded Vegetarian, as a cookie-cutter food blog. But for those of you who have been following along, you have probably noticed the content has shifted towards more worldly events. And guess what? I've been blogging more regularly.

So I plan to continue down this road, while occassionally dishing out some "fluff" in the form of recipes and whatnot. I've changed my links to reflect my changed course, and I hope to expand the list in the months ahead. A plan I hatched, with the changing of the year, is to regularly write Green Kitchen tips . . . things we can all do to treat the earth a little more gently. I hope Jaded Vegetarian can become a place that dishes out food for thought.


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