Thursday, January 18, 2007

Citrus Slushies

As light-hearted as I've titled this post, I do not mean to make light of the recent freeze in California. Not only were citrus crops effected, but so were other crops:

Each crop meant different worries, including blossoms frozen on avocado trees that would hurt the harvest next year and lettuce, cabbage and celery's starting to seed, a natural defense that renders many plants unmarketable. (NY Times)

Considering how much produce comes out of California, this is a bad situation. What is interesting is the unusual weather patterns lately in the region:

This is the third freeze to hit the Central Valley citrus belt since 1990. There had not been a freeze for 55 years before that. (source)
I was wondering if they could salvage some of the citrus by turning it into juice, however it appears that not only was it frozen, but it was unripe when it froze, so it doesn't appear they can salvage much.

The problem with our current big-ag dominated food system, is we appear to have all our eggs in one basket.

"It'll put a dent in a lot of different crops," Tatter said. "They also grow tomatoes and other vegetables in California. Canned food makers will be affected and may pass that on to consumers." (source)


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